Takuma RS Wing
Takuma RS Wing
Takuma RS Wing

Takuma RS Wing

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The Takuma RS Wing is a masterpiece of aerodynamics. Unlike other wings, the RS is not on-off. It just flies on its own. Once your hands are in position, it will do the job. The control of the profile guarantees unforgettable sessions. If you are looking for a performance freeride with comfort, long surf or downwind surf, the RS is for you. You do not need to think about the wing, you only have to focus on your trajectory and your foil. Super-efficient in pumping, the RS will make you fly early and its forward-pull lifting force will get you going in light winds. As the wind picks up, the RS keeps pulling forward while remaining neutral and delivering progressive accelerations without losing speed. The RS was not designed for experts only, it is suitable for everyone and will allow you to progress at a fast pace, giving you the confidence to improve from your first downwind surf to your first jumps. It comes in the colour white in sizes 3.1m, 5.1m or 6.1m. 


Takuma’s signature carbon fibre handle is designed to provide the rider with more ergonomic handling and natural body positioning. These ultra-stiff handles offer quick response steering and a direct connection to the wing. Upwind performance and power delivery are optimized. 

Other features:

• Power tip battens

• X-Ply Plus

• Mini leech battens

• Nano-coated canopy

• Twin Valve system

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