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3 Pc. Fin Set


3 pc. plastic fin set including centre fin with thumb screw and two side thruster fins.  Will fit any board with US and FCS fin boxes...

4.5" River Fin


Our 4.5 river fin is the go to fin for river paddling or paddling any shallow bodies of water.  The fin is flexible, so it will bend on impact and.....

6" Fibreglass/Honeycomb Centre Fin


NEW DESIGN! - Our 6" Carbon/Fibreglass/Honeycombfin is a premium performance fin made specifically for sup surfing.  Ideally suited to our Surf Series boards.   Pair with two side thruster fins...

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8" Carbon Race Fin

8" Carbon Race Fin


Stiff and lightweight carbon fin. 8" depth for superior tracking. Progressive rake (angle) to avoid catching weeds and kelp. Great all round race or touring fin for a variety of.....

9" Fibreglass/Honeycomb Centre Fin


Our 9" Fibreglass/Honeycomb fin is a premium performance fin all-round fin suitable for recreational paddling and sup surfing.  Classic dolphin fin shape, ideally suited to our All-Round Series and Woody.....

9" Fibreglass/Honeycomb Touring Fin

9" Fibreglass/Honeycomb Touring Fin


Our 9" Fibreglass/Honeycomb fin is a premium performance fin which will improve tracking and glide through the water.  With a progressive rake (angle) the fin will shed weeds or kelp.....

9" Tool-less Centre Fin


Our 9" tool-less centre fin eliminates the need to carry a screw driver or allen key by using our unique roller ball click in system.  Classic dolphin fin shape, well.....

Fibreglass/Honeycomb Thruster Fin Set


Our Fibreglass/Honeycomb thruster fins are premium performance fins crafted with fibreglass and a honeycomb core.  Ideally suited to our Surf Series, All-Round Series and Woody Series boards.  Sold as a.....

Thumb Fin Screw and Plate


Alloy fin screw and mount plate, compatible with US fin box and standard centre fins...