The Blu Wave Story

Canada’s leading designer and manufacturer of stand-up paddleboards, Blu Wave SUP was established in 2010 by avid traveler, paddler and surfer, Aaron Pilon, in Toronto, Canada.

Blu Wave was conceived after Aaron discovered the sport on a trip to a surf town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Aaron recognized an opportunity to bring a surfing experience to the many lakes of Canada through this emerging water sport which combined two of his favorite activities, surfing and kayaking. Not a traditional surfing local, Ontario may not offer epic surf breaks of the Pacific or Atlantic coasts, but it does have an abundance of lakes and a cottage culture like nowhere else in the world. The smaller cottage country lakes of Ontario offer a great venue for flat water paddling, a zen like activity that offers a tremendous fitness benefit. Order up the right wind direction and intensity, and the Great Lakes can provide some pretty sweet waves and a surfing experience right in our own backyard.

Blu Wave’s mission is to design and manufacture quality boards in shapes that provide optimal paddling in a variety of conditions that we find at home here in Canada. From our Wave Series, designed to surf the smaller waves of the Great Lakes or ocean breaks in Tofino or Lawrencetown, to our Touring Series boards, designed for flat water touring on glassy smaller inland lakes in Muskoka, The Laurentians and the BC Interior, each of our boards are “designed in Canada, for Canadian waters”. We use quality fibres and epoxy resins to provide a durable product, in an attractive package. Our Epoxy Bamboo Construction produces strong boards at a strength to weight ratio unrivaled in the industry. Our use of bamboo, recognizes the need to use natural, renewable materials in manufacturing. Style is important to us, and our boards retain a consistent and unique “Blu Wave” style. When you see a Blu Wave, you know it’s a Blu Wave.

Above all, we are committed to helping bring the amazing sport of Stand-up Paddling to our great country. From coast to coast, Canadians are discovering this great sport and it is truly enriching peoples lives, bringing a little bit of Aloha to our beautiful bodies of water. Get out there, explore, SURF – PADDLE – TOUR – RACE-….but don’t go too fast, be sure to stop and enjoy the view.

- Aloha from Blu Wave SUP