The Carbon Race 14.0
The Carbon Race 14.0
The Carbon Race 14.0

The Carbon Race 14.0

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Introducing the all new Carbon Race Pro, the ultimate all-water race board. Featuring a high volume design and hybrid planning/displacement nose shape the new Carbon Race Pro excels in tough conditions, with this unique nose shape being unaffected by chop, waves and wakes, as it rises above and continues to move in the direction the paddler is propelling the board. Unlike many traditional “displacement” hull race designs, the new Carbon Race Pro gets on plane quickly resulting in very fast race starts and sprints and catches bumps with ease. The concave bottom shape and tail section speed channel, directs water under and out the back and also provides increased stability. Our hybrid carbon layup with rail and ridge re-inforcements, provides unmatched durability in a lighweight board at a price far below many boards of inferior design.  

Available in 12.6 x 24, 12.6 x 26, 14.0 x 23.5 and 14.0 x 26.

Shapers Notes: Hybrid nose shape and slight rocker and high volume nose and front section promote’s planning early in acceleration phase. Concave bottom and speed channel provides release and facilitates pace maintenance and acceleration on bumps.

Fin Setup: Single, ships with 9" Honeycomb Touring Fin

14' 26" / 23.5" 9" 26 / 24 253 / 274

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The Blu Wave


Get out there, explore, SURF – PADDLE – TOUR – RACE-….but don’t go too fast, be sure to stop and enjoy the view.

- Aloha from Blu Wave SUP

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Lake Log 9.0 - Finally had a chance to take out the Lake Log for a session this morning. Catches waves like a dream. Should help me level up to the more nimble boards I was trying to learn on. Thanks for designing what really seems like the perfect starter lake board.  I’ll be singing your praises to anyone out there I see struggling.

Toronto, ON

Carbon Race Pro Elite 14.0 - Love the board!  Its maiden voyage was yesterday on a small lake with 30 kph gusts.  Cuts upwind great, handles side chop, flies downwind and is super stable. Easily outperforms my last board…not even close. 

Guelph, ON

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