Blu Foil 920 Full Carbon Foil Set
Blu Foil 920 Full Carbon Foil Set

Blu Foil 920 Full Carbon Foil Set

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The perfect foil setup for versatility and ease of flying. The B-FOIL 920 is our first foil set-up, made with versatility and ease of use in mind.   If there is one foil set up to have that does it all, this is it. Large front wing at 92 cm provides stability and ease of lift in a variety of scenerios, from low speed wake foiling, small to mid size waves and downwinding. Our 60 cm mast height is perfect for learning behind the boat or ski, and the ideal height for SUP foiling, either downwind or in waves.   Full 3k carbon foil with carbon mast, fusilage and wings.  

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The Blu Wave


Get out there, explore, SURF – PADDLE – TOUR – RACE-….but don’t go too fast, be sure to stop and enjoy the view.

- Aloha from Blu Wave SUP

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Lake Log 9.0 - Finally had a chance to take out the Lake Log for a session this morning. Catches waves like a dream. Should help me level up to the more nimble boards I was trying to learn on. Thanks for designing what really seems like the perfect starter lake board.  I’ll be singing your praises to anyone out there I see struggling.

Toronto, ON

Carbon Race Pro Elite 14.0 - Love the board!  Its maiden voyage was yesterday on a small lake with 30 kph gusts.  Cuts upwind great, handles side chop, flies downwind and is super stable. Easily outperforms my last board…not even close. 

Guelph, ON

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